Health Risks to Baby

In order to have a health baby, t is important that pregnant teenage girls learn about proper eating habits. Teenage girls who are pregnant are less likely to gain adequate weight during their pregnancies as compared to adult women. Inadequate weight gain during pregnancy can cause the baby to have a low birth weight and health disorders. Low birth weight babies are also more susceptible to having problems with their organs due to underdevelopment

When is sex during pregnancy NOT safe?

Sex is safe during pregnancy unless your health care provider has indicated that you have a high risk pregnancy. Although there are few reasons to avoid sex during pregnancy, there are some situations when your health care provider may indicate that sex should be avoided. The best protection is to wear a condom.
Pregnancy is known as being a time of elated joy in a woman's life. Even though she might experience some mood swings because of the changes in her hormones, on the whole, pregnant women are happy. And for the most part, this idyllic picture is correct. However, for an estimated 10% to 20% of pregnant women, their perfect time is overshadowed by depression.
Almost every couple finds that their sexual relationship changes during pregnancy; a woman's desire can fluctuate and she can feel uncomfortable with her body towards the end of her term. Feeling Sexy During Pregnancy will give you some tips on how to feel like the hot momma you are. Some women, however, find that their sex drive has gone through the roof!
Is it possible to get a girl pregnant if you have sex with her right after her period?

Absolutely yes! Women have been known to get pregnant at all times in their cycle, and it's best to assume that no time is safe. I do not recommend your having sex, but if you do, the best protection is to wear a condom. In fact, and it's a big fact, and more important than the possibility of pregnancy, it's best to wear one every single time in order to reduce the risk of contracting AIDS. And that can kill you.






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