Sex and Pregnancy

Sexual relations undergo a form of "change" during the nine months of pregnancy. This does not mean that sex will be less enjoyable or that is should be avoided. In fact, many couples report that their sexual appetites increased during the nine months of pregnancy.
It is important to note that the sexual practices of couples vary. While one couple may think that sexual intercourse once or twice a week is a drop in sexual relations, another couple may feel that is an improvement. One couple may engage in sexual intercourse every few days, while another couple may only have sex a couple of times each month. The frequency of sex is a private matter between adults.
It is normal for the libido of a pregnant woman to wane during the first and last months of pregnancy. During the first weeks of pregnancy a woman may be experiencing nausea, painful breasts and fatigue. The last month of pregnancy may bring about aches and pains in the back and abdomen as well as a general feeling of fatigue.

During Pregnancy

It is safe to have sex throughout pregnancy, as long as, there are no other issues, such as vaginal bleeding or any other complications. If there are any, or you suspect that there may be, you should contact your doctor or midwife immediately.

As pregnancy progresses couples may have to experiment with positions which will maximize the woman's comfort, and allow her to control the amount of penetration. If she is experiencing any discomfort the use of a lubricant might be helpful.






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