3 Steps to Get a Six Pack Abs

One of the most common questions you see asked on fitness forums is what is the best way to lose stomach fat? It’s an all too common question that many people are asking on TV, radio, online and even infomercials have used it with great effect to get people to buy weight loss products, abs stretchers etc.

There are no secrets on how to lose stomach fat. Here are 3 steps you can take to get that 6 pack abs you want and that works.

Step 1. Abs Training

Many people do not realize they are overly training their abs. They do crunches and abs every day and yet see little difference. The problem is the abs muscles are underneath your stomach fat and unless you get rid of your stomach fat, your muscles won’t show up.

That is why nutrition and cardio training is also important in overall weight reduction. Once you lose overall body fat, your 6 pack abs will show. Focusing on spot weight reduction will not help you lose stomach fat.

Step 2. Cardio Training

Cardio workouts are effective in burning overall body fat. The best exercise is interval training. Cardio workouts also increase your body metabolism making it easier and faster to lose body fat as you progress.

For cardio workouts, I recommend you start off slowly and build up slowly over time. For example, you can start with a 1 mile run and slowly increase that over time.

Step 3. Nutrition

Most people who wants to lose stomach fat often neglect how important nutrition is to your abs building efforts. Most people that want to get rid of belly fat workout all day at the gym and do all kinds of cardio but forgot how many calories they take each day.

In fact, I would 90% of your weight loss can be attributed to nutrition.


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