Extreme Celebrity Weight Loss

Remember in the Nutty Professor how Edie Murphy managed to lose all that weight all with the help of a magic potion? I’m not going to give you a magic potion because it will most likely be harmful to your health and very costly. I am going to give you a few pointers though on how to achieve extreme celebrity weight loss .

Celebrities go RAW

Eat raw foods for 30 days. The raw diet was introduced on the Tyra Banks show and Woody Harrison eats 100% raw foods. Not only will you get an incredible abundance of energy but your body will thank you in the long run. By raw I don’t mean raw fish, meat or milk. I’m talking about raw uncooked foods such as mangoes, watermelon, broccoli, spinach, raw cashews…etc. There are more nutrients in non-cooked foods and your body has an easier time digesting it. If you’re confused on what to eat it’s easy to blend a good mix of leafy greens, fruit, and nuts into a power smoothie. Or toss a quick salad with the same ingredients.

By now you might be ready to stop reading…but I promise you there is another way to lose weight quickly and easily, with the help of the Online Diet Generator.

Celebrities Turn to the Online Diet Generator to Lose Weight

There is a Online Diet Generator that automatically generates meals for you that are structured to help anyone lose weight. You have many choices of foods to pick from and with a few clicks the software creates a customizable meal plan that is designed to help you burn fat fast . The software is very simple to use and in less than a few minutes you will have a 2 week diet plan created especially for you. Did I mention that portions are unlimited every meal under this Diet Plan. People on this diet lose inches all over, and in less than two weeks people have reported anywhere from 5-10 pounds of weight loss.

Shake What Your Mamma Gave Ya

Move your body if you want to achieve extreme celebrity weight loss. This doesn’t have to be drastic gym training. Even walking 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes can help you achieve extreme celebrity weight loss! Go hiking, try yoga , play tennis, go golfing… anything! Our TV, computer oriented lifestyles and unhealthy and will eventually be the death of us.

My last tip if you want to achieve extreme celebrity weight loss is to motivate yourself. Celebrities have new movies, advertisements and events to lose weight for. Find a good reason to lose weight that will push you forward you every day.


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